VIP is a feature that grants you powerful bonuses for advancing in the game! You can view your current VIP level as part of your profile on the upper left corner of the screen.


Benefits of VIP include but are not limited to:


VIP Status in Profile and Chat!

Increased Commander XP!

Increased Training Speed and reduced training cost for units!

Increased Deployment size!

Increased Resource Production rate

Reduced Building Time

Upgrade multiple buildings per outpost

Lots of other benefits for Economy, Armies and Specialists


Activating VIP:


In order to take advantage of the benefits for VIP, your VIP status needs to be active. You can tap on the “Activate VIP” button on the main  VIP screen and add time by purchasing the VIP Activation consumables found in the store. You can also earn more VIP Activation consumables  through missions, events or by purchasing gold packages.


VIP Levels:


You will receive stronger benefits as you increase your VIP Level.  You can achieve this by using VIP point consumables! Earn VIP point consumables by logging in daily, attacking NPCs, participating in different events or by purchasing gold packages. You can also purchase VIP point consumables directly from the store.