Combat Frappe rapide

Storage troops

  • You can load any units on reserve your aircraft carrier battle regardless of the database in which they are located.
  • Stored troops are permanently removed from the map: the value of unity and fuel are no longer recognized.
  • Once loaded into the reserves of the aircraft carrier, your units can be placed on an army position and sent into battle.
  • With reserves of your aircraft carrier combat, you can change the composition of your armies easier.
  • When a unit is located inside the aircraft carrier, it can not be discharged on the map. The units of combat aircraft door can not be destroyed permanently, they will only need time to repair other.
  • The carrier can accommodate a limited number of units by type.
  • You can upgrade your aircraft carrier battle so it can accommodate more armies, more units (reserves) and increase its speed repair of hosts.


Armies of fighter aircraft carrier

  • The army locations of the aircraft can accommodate a limited number of any type units.
  • These locations can be individually upgraded to accommodate more units, increase the rate of repair, etc.
  • Units placed on an army position should come from the reserves of the aircraft carrier.
  • The units that are in the reserves of the aircraft can not be used in only one army at a time.
  • The units that make up an army are not only in the army but also in the reserves of the helicopter carrier. When a unit is assigned to an army, it does not leave its location in the helicopter carrier.
  • Fill reserve your maximum combat aircraft carriers to increase opportunities and fight on all fronts!
  • The army positions must be either full or empty. Your army can not be complete.
  • Each can have its own military commander. Commanders are the only units that are not from the reserves of the aircraft carrier combat.


Army Consumables

  • There are two types of military consumables and repair battle.
  • repair supplies support repair (cure) an army. The health of the army is shared: the units all receive the same amount of health when using a consumable.
  • Battle of consumables allow you to get upgrades for your army to protect it with a protective shield to weaken the enemy armies, etc.


Quick Combat

  • Only armed aircraft carrier can engage in fast-paced combat.
  • The armies have unique health depends on its units.
  • This unique health decreases each battle in proportion to the damage taken.
  • Armies are automatically repaired over time. You can also use consumables to repair an instant army (once used, they will be lost).
  • The attack power of the army is proportional to its health. It collects more damage, the less effective in battle.
  • In addition to repair consumables, there is also offensive and defensive army consumables that you can use during battle.
  • How to launch a quick fight:
    • Start by transferring units from one of your bases in combat aircraft carrier.
    • Once loaded, these units can be placed on an army position available.
    • Fill locations with as many units as possible and add a major.
    • Your army is ready to embark on a quick fight!
  • The fast fighting is different from conventional battles available in the game.
  • The power units is the most important element: the more your units are powerful, the greater your chances of winning.
  • The fast fighting work in the rock-paper-scissors fashion:
    • The mecha outweigh aviation but do not make the weight against vehicles
    • Aviation outweighs the vehicles but does not make the weight against the mecha
    • Vehicles outweigh the mecha but do not make the weight against aviation