User Data & Permissions

Collection of Personal Information;  Purpose of Use

i. List of information that will be collected

The Company may collect the following information from you in connection with the provision of the App:

General (for all users):

  •  Client Build
  •  Client Data Version
  •  Payment information
  •  IP address
  •  Application usage situation
  •  Data Connection Type
  •  Country
  •  Device Type
  •  Information of advertising in application
  •  Information of customer support

Information specific to users connected via Facebook:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Gender
  • Facebook ID
  • Facebook Username
  • Timezone

Information to be acquired only for Android devices users:

  • Android advertising ID
  • Android device ID
  • Google account
  • Android version
  • Build Model

Information to be acquired only for iOS devices users:

  • iOS version
  • iOS device Unique ID
  • Mac Address

ii. Purpose of use

The Company will use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Providing the services of the App
  • Transferring the usage of the App
  • Communication between users of the App
  • Communication between you and the Company
  • Achieving a secure and safe communication environment
  • Measuring, studying, and analyzing the usage of the App and the results of implementing various measures
  • Conducting marketing research and surveys
  • Improving the App and fixing bugs
  • Introducing various services, promotions, campaigns, events, etc. operated by the Company or a third party
  • Displaying advertisements and optimizing the content of such advertisements
  • Rectifying any violations of the Terms of Use
  • Handling inquiries (including identity verification)
  • Providing information to the third parties (including joint users) set forth in “3. Provision to Third Parties; Information Collection Modules”

iii. Legal basis

The legal basis for the processing of your personal information is your consent.