KINGPIN is a feature that grants you powerful bonuses for participating in game events! You can view your current KINGPIN Level via the KINGPIN HUD icon.


Benefits of the KINGPIN system include following:

  • Street Assault Points Up
  • Battle for Empire City Points Up
  • Exclusive KINGPIN Street Assault Power Unit
  • Exclusive Hate and Revenge Drink
  • One-click LTQ Completion
  • Lockbox Double Loot
  • Raid Boss KP-mega Attack
  • Epic Boss KP-Mega Attack
  • PVP Strength Detection



You will receive new benefits and upgrade existing ones as you increase your KINGPIN Level by accumulating KINGPIN Points.



You will be awarded KINGPIN Points when using gold and from participating in the following events at feature release:

  • Lockbox opens
  • Defeat Epic Bosses & Hard Core Bosses
  • Defeat Raid Bosses (Points based on player's individual level of participation)
  • Win Street Assault battles (Points based on player's individual level of participation)
  • Win Battle for Empire City battles (Points based on player's individual level of participation)

You may also purchase KINGPIN Points directly from the KINGPIN Store.


Activation Point

Activation Point is the monthly minimum required KINGPIN Points needed to remain at the current level. At the beginning of every month, you will "pay" this minimum point requirement as an upkeep cost to remain at your current total KINGPIN Level. If the upkeep cost drops your accumulated points beyond a certain amount your current KINGPIN level will be reduced to the next level down. In the case you have upgraded once in the last month, you will not need to "pay" the subsequent month's upkeep cost.