Rapid Strike Combat

Troop Storage

  • You can load any unit from any base into your Strike Carrier reserves.
  • This permanently removes that unit from the world map, from your Unit Value, and from your fuel consumption.
  • Once in the Strike Carrier reserves, a unit can then be placed in a Strike Carrier army slot and used for combat.
  • The purpose of the reserves is to make it easy to change up the makeup of your Strike Carrier armies.
  • Once a unit is in the Strike Carrier reserves, it can never return to the world map. This is a good thing because Strike Carrier units can be damaged and require repair, but they can never be permanently destroyed!
  • The Strike Carrier can hold a maximum number of units per unit type.
  • The Strike Carrier can be upgraded to hold additional armies, hold additional unit capacity (reserves), and increase the repair rate for armies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Strike Carrier Armies

  • Strike Carrier army slots can hold a maximum number of units of any type.
  • Strike Carrier army slots can be individually upgraded to hold more units, have a faster repair rate, etc.
  • Units placed into an army slot must come from the Strike Carrier reserves.
  • Each unit from the Strike Carrier's reserves can be in one army at a time.
  • Units in an army exist both in that army and in the Strike Carrier reserves at the same time. When a unit is transferred to an army, it does not lose its “spot” in the Strike Carrier.
  • It's to your benefit to max out your Strike Carrier and have a unit in every spot - that gives you more options for more armies!
  • Army slots can be completely filled with units or completely empty; you cannot have a partially filled army.
  • You can add a commander to any army. Commanders are the only units that do not have to come from the Strike Carrier reserves.


Army Consumables

  • There are 2 types of army consumables: repair and battle.
  • Repair consumables are used to repair (heal) an army. Since an army's health is pooled, each unit is healed the same amount by a consumable.
  • Battle consumables can provide buffs to your army, debuffs to the opponent's army, give your army a shield to absorb some damage, etc.


Rapid Combat

  • Rapid Combat can only be fought with Strike Carrier armies.
  • Armies have a health pool that is based on the units contained within.
  • This health pool decreases with each battle, proportional to the amount of damage taken.
  • Armies automatically repair damage over time; one-time use Army Consumables can be used to repair an army instantly.
  • An army's attack power is proportional to its current health; as an army takes more damage, it is less effective in battle.
  • In addition to repair consumables, there are offensive and defensive army consumables you can use in combat.
  • To fight a Rapid Combat Battle:
    • First transfer some units from one of your bases into the Strike Carrier.
    • Once in the Strike Carrier, move those units to an open army slot.
    • Fill the army slot completely with units, and add a commander.
    • You now have an army that's ready for Rapid Combat!
  • Rapid Combat uses different formulas than the combat presently in the game.
  • Unit Power is the most important element of the equation: having more power is the easiest way to win.
  • Rapid Combat uses a rock-paper-scissors mechanic:
    • Mech is strong against Air, weak against Vehicle
    • Air is strong against Vehicle, weak against Mech
    • Vehicle is strong against Mech, weak against Air