World Events Help

World Events are events that pit world versus world and reward the top 3 worlds with a World Buff. World Buffs affect an entire world and last until the next time that buff is up for grabs in an event.
World Events Hub Icon
A new icon has been added to the Main Game Screen, the World Events Hub. The World Events Hub icon has several states:
No Active Buff         Buff Active              Buff Active               No Active Buff
No Live Event          No Live Event          Event Live               Event Live


World Events Hub
Tapping on the World Events Icon takes you to the World Events Hub. The World Events Hub is the new central location for all War of Nations events! Inside the World Events Hub you can find the following:
  • Active Events Tab
    • Displays all of the current active events. For world vs world events, the contested buffs for that event, which will go to the top 3 worlds, are displayed.
  • Active Buffs Tab
    • Displays all worlds that currently have an active World Buff. Your world is always displayed first, even if it has no active World Buffs.
  • Event Calendar Tab
    • Displays the next few upcoming events.
  • Game News Tab
    • View all current War of Nations news.