Global Conquest

Global Conquest is an alliance event in which your alliance battles alliances from other worlds. Global Conquest wars are asynchronous, so war queueing time is basically zero. At the end of the event, in addition to individual and alliance leaderboard prizes, the top three worlds get a temporary World Buff.



Global Conquest utilizes Helicarrier Combat, so you need to create armies in your Helicarrier in order to participate in Global Conquest. (For more information on Helicarriers and armies, go here.) The Global Conquest icon is visible before the event starts, and the Global Conquest Hub tells you:

  • How many armies you can use for that specific Global Conquest event
  • What World Buffs the top 3 worlds get
  • What the rest of the prizes are.

Before the event starts, you can lock in a Defensive Army Consumable that will get used for all your defensive wars. You don't earn any points from defensive wars, but you can make it a tougher battle for your opponents by using Defensive Army Consumables.


  • To participate in Global Conquest, you must be in an alliance before the event starts.
  • If you leave your alliance during the event, you are out of the event. You can, however, rejoin the same alliance and get back into the event.
  • You cannot participate in the event if you leave your alliance and join a new alliance.


Global Conquest Hub

Once the event starts, tapping on the Global Conquest icon on the Main Game screen brings up the Global Conquest Hub.

War Info Tab

  • War Invitations: The total number of War Invitations your alliance currently has, which are used to start Global Conquest wars. Each war costs 1 invite, and invites accrue once every 3 hours, up to a max of 6.
  • Stars: Total stars earned by your alliance in this event. Every time you destroy an enemy command center node in a Global Conquest War, you earn points. For each alliance, the total points earned from all members are combined into stars. For each war, earning the first few stars is easy, then gets progressively more difficult as the war goes on.
  • Limited Time Missions: Any Limited Time Missions specific to Global Conquest are displayed here.
  • War Button: Only alliance leaders and officers can start a Global Conquest War by tapping the War Button. For everyone else, when your alliance has an active war, you can enter the war by tapping this button. The time remaining in the war is also displayed.

Prizes Tab:

  • All the prizes available across the 4 leaderboards for Global Conquest. Any prizes you are currently eligible for (based on your ranking) are highlighted.

Leaderboards Tab:

  • Displays the 4 leaderboards for Global Conquest, which are: World vs World, Global Alliance, Local Alliance, and Global Player. Your current position on all 4 leaderboards is highlighted.

Participation Tab:

  • This is a mini-leaderboard displaying only the members in your alliance. This leaderboard is sortable by tapping the category buttons at the top of the screen. You can see which members are contributing the most, and which need to poked to participate more!

War History:

  • Currently displays stats for all the of the offensive wars you have participated in. Stats include:
    • Name of the alliance you fought
    • Number of attacks you made
    • Number of enemy nodes you destroyed
    • Average number of attacks you needed to destroy one node
    • Number of times your troops were defeated


Global Conquest Combat

Once your alliance has started a war, you can enter the war by tapping the Enter War button on the War Info tab. You choose the armies you want to use for that war, and then are taken to the Global Conquest War Screen.

 The War Screen displays 5 command center nodes that contain armies from your opponents. Each node has a health bar and a point value. The point values for each node are random, but all 5 added up are worth the same amount.

Tapping on any node opens up the Deploy Screen, where you can see additional info about the opposing army including the commander, units, and defense army consumables used. You can then select which army you wish to attack with, and which offensive army consumable to use. You can also repair your armies in this screen.

Every time you destroy all 5 nodes you get a small reward and the screen refreshes, giving you 5 new nodes to destroy. Destroy as many as you can before time is up!


Stamina Refills

Each attack on a node costs stamina. At the start of the event, all players begin with their stamina bars at full. Stamina does regenerate over time, but you can instantly purchase a full stamina refill by tapping on the plus sign next to the stamina bar in the top right corner of the screen.

You can also choose to purchase a small amount of stamina for yourself and everyone in your alliance. Try it out!