Alliance Base


The Alliance Base will be your Alliance’s center of command.  Not only will the Alliance Base help Alliance Members with everything else they do in the game, but will also be the center of new Alliance-based content and gameplay in the future.

The Alliance Base consists of two sections, each of which can only hold certain buildings.  


Upper Section: Officer’s Rise

The top section is called the Officer’s Rise.  Buildings here can only be operated by Alliance Members with proper clearance.  Currently only Colonels, Captains, and Generals have the authority to operate buildings on the Officer’s Rise.

Along with operating buildings in the Officer’s Rise, Officers also are the only ones who can build and upgrade Alliance Buildings, regardless of which section they are in.  Upgrading Buildings requires both Alliance Resources and Time.  When an Alliance Building is under construction, all Alliance Members can use their own Speedup Items to complete construction more quickly.

Buildings located on the Officer’s Rise that can only be operated by Officers are the Alliance Command, the Alliance Monument, the Material Compound, and the Alliance Support.


Lower Section: Members’ Quarters

The lower section is called the Member’s Quarters.  Buildings here can be operated by all Alliance Members, regardless of officer status.  

Buildings located in the Members’ Quarters include the Composite Factory, the Superior Alloy Plant, the Fuel Cell Plant, the Plasteel Factory, and the Plutonium Reactor.  



Operating the Alliance Base requires all new resources that Alliance Members will have to manufacture.  The new resources are Composites, Superior Alloy, Fuel Cells, Plasteel, and Plutonium.   The buildings required to produce these Alliance Resources are found in the Members’ Quarters. 

  • Composites

Composites are produced in the Composites Factory.  Composites require Money and Iron in order to produce.

  • Superior Alloy

Superior Alloy is produced in the Superior Alloy Plant.  Superior Alloy requires Iron and Titanium to produce.

  • Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells are produced in the Fuel Cell Plant.  Fuel Cells require Oil and Fuel to produce.

  • Plasteel

Plasteel is produced in the Plasteel Factory.  Plasteel requires Iron and Titanium to produce.

  • Plutonium

Plutonium is produced in the Plutonium Reactor.  Plutonium requires Fuel and Uranium to produce.

Alliance Resources will be required for upgrading Alliance Buildings, producing Alliance Materials, and completing the Alliance Monument Events.



In order to produce Alliance Resources, Alliance Members must tap on the building that produces the desired resource.  Tap on PRODUCE to go to the production main menu for that resource.

Producing Alliance Resources requires player resources and time.  Players can produce more Alliance Resources faster, but will have to pay a lot more player resources to do so.  In the production main menu, there are three options for production:

  1. Overdrive Production: Produces the most Alliance Resources in the shortest time, but requires a lot more player resources to produce.
  2. Normal Production: Produces a moderate amount of Alliance Resources in a moderate amount of time, and requires a moderate amount of player resources.
  3. Efficient Production: Produces a small amount of Alliance Resources in a long amount of time, but requires only a small amount of player resources.

Choose the production method that best works for you.  All Alliance Members can produce Alliance Resources in the same Alliance Building at the same time.  But each Alliance Member can only have one production going at each Alliance Building at a time.  You can use Speedup Items to finish Alliance Resource production faster.


Besides Alliance Resources, the Alliance Base uses Alliance Materials to operate some of its buildings.  Alliance Materials can be produced in the Material Compound and require both Alliance Resources and Time.  Only Alliance Officers can produce Alliance Materials.

To produce Alliance Materials, tap on the Material Compound located in the Officer’s Rise.  Tap on PRODUCE.  

The Materials Compound Main Menu has two options: PRODUCE and COMBINE.  In the PRODUCE Tab, an Officer can choose which Material to produce.  Each material requires two different Alliance Resources and Time.  Only one Material can be produced at one time.  Any Alliance Member can use a Speedup to reduce the amount of time remaining.

In the COMBINE Tab, an Officer can combine 4 of one material into 1 of the next level of that Material.  So 4 of Satellite Telemetry Lv1 can be combined into 1 of Satellite Telemetry Lv2.  Combining Materials does not cost Alliance Resources or Time.  Only Officers can combine Materials.  



The Alliance Command is the center of your Alliance Base.  Located near the center of the Officers’ Rise, the Alliance Command is where you can monitor your Alliance Resources, Materials, and how well your Alliance Base is doing versus other Alliance Bases.



In the Alliance Base, your Alliance will be able to activate Temporary Boosts to help both Alliance Members and the Alliance Base itself.  These Temporary Boosts require Materials to activate, and expire after a certain duration.  

Officers can activate Temporary Boosts through the Alliance Support Building.  Temporary Boosts are sorted into two tabs: ECONOMY and COMBAT.  Tap on the tab you wish to choose a Temporary Boost from.  If you have the required Materials, you will be able to activate that Temporary Boost.  

Alliances start with being able to have two Temporary Boosts active at one time.  You cannot have more than one of the same Temporary Boost active at a time.  An Icon will appear on the Alliance Base HUD when there is at least one Temporary Boost active.  To Cancel a Temporary Boost, tap on the HUD icon and tap on the active Temporary Boost you wish to cancel.  You will get a confirmation asking you if you want to cancel the Temporary Boost.



In order to survive and to dominate your rivals, every Alliance needs to ensure that they are investing in the newest technology.  The Alliance Monument is where Alliances will get stronger by donating Alliance Resources and Materials in order to better their technology.

The Alliance Monument is located on top of the Officer’s Rise.  Unlike every other building in the Alliance Base, the max level of the Alliance Monument increases every week.  To upgrade the Alliance Monument level, the Alliance will need a certain amount of Alliance Resources and Materials.  Upgrading the Alliance Monument requires no time.  Be warned though: while there is no time cost to upgrade the Alliance Monument, you will only be able to upgrade the Alliance Monument once a week.  Make sure your Alliance upgrades the Alliance Monument every week or else you risk your rivals’ technological capabilities surpassing yours.

Upgrading the Alliance Monument will give you permanent bonuses that affect not only player strength and economy, but also the strength and economy of the Alliance Base.