What is WARCOM? How does it work?



WARCOM is a part of your Command Center where you can assign and upgrade Specialists to improve your army. Each Specialist you find will improve a specific facet of your armies power based on his or her expertise. Additional formations of Specialists allow you to quickly adapt or switch your boosts to fit whatever situation you may encounter!



Specialists are elite recruits that provide boosts to the various branches of your military. Boosts or attributes provided by Specialists are additive and affect all of your controlled armies after they have been assigned. Your WARCOM has special slots designated for each class and type of specialist. Specialist will increase in level when you award them an XP medal, up to their current level cap. In order to increase this level cap you will need to promote the Specialist, which will give them an additional boost as well! Once a Specialist becomes powerful enough you will see them change into new and more powerful gear.


Specialist Type

Each slot within WARCOM has its own designated Specialist Type that can be assigned to it.

  •    Soldiers – Specializes in Damage Boosts for unit class.
  •    Engineers – Specializes in Health Boosts for unit class.
  •    Tacticians – Specializes in Health Boosts versus unit class.


Specialist Class

A Specialist’s Class determines which units they acquire the greatest boosts for.

  •    Vehicle – Specializes in boosts that benefit all vehicle units.
  •    Aircraft – Specializes in boosts that benefit all aerial units.
  •    Mech – Specializes in boosts that benefit all mech units.

Each boost unlocked during promotion has a greater chance to be for the unit class that the Specialist belongs too.


Assigning a Specialist

Each slot in the WARCOM can only be filled by a Specialist with the same Type as the slot you are attempting to fill. For example an Air Engineer can only fill and Engineer slot and cannot be placed in a Soldier slot. Additionally, you may only have one type of Specialist active at a time, so using a Vehicle Soldier or Mech Soldier is up to you! You may unlock additional formations that allow you to quickly switch between different Specialist setups to maximize your boosts in different battles, or even for attack vs defense!

To assign a specialist, tap on the position you wish to fill from the WARCOM screen in the Command Center. 


Specialist Level

A Specialist’s Level determines the power of their boosts they have unlocked. You can increase a Specialist’s Level by using XP Boost items. When a Specialist reaches his or her maximum level, they can be Promoted. Every additional level will increase the boost by a small amount, so the higher the level cap, the more powerful all of the boosts will be! Bonus levels are available if a perfect Promotion is performed, explained in the Perfect Promotion section.


Specialist XP

Using an XP Boost on a Specialist will give it the amount of XP indicated on the item. When a Specialist’s XP reaches 100% it will gain a level and all unlocked boosts will increase in strength. If you use an XP Boost that gives a Specialist more XP than their current level will allow, it will apply that XP to the Specialist’s next level. You will not lose XP from using a larger XP Boost.

XP Boosts can be obtained through store, events, and other in game drops.

To increase the level of a Specialist, tap the Upgrade button from either the WARCOM main screen, or from the info screen of a Specialist.


Specialist Rank

A Specialist’s Rank determines their maximum Level as well as how many boosts have been unlocked. A Rank is increased through Promotion up to Rank 5. It is possible to have two Specialists of the same Rank with different level caps based on how you promote the Specialist. This will only be available if the Specialist has reached their level cap.


Specialist Promotion

To Promote a Specialist, select a Specialist who has hit the level cap for their Rank and select another Specialist of the same Type and Class to be absorbed. After Promotion, the Specialist acquires a new, random boost and their Level cap is increased. A Perfect Promotion will increase the level cap by additional levels!


Perfect Promotion

If the absorbed Specialist is of equal or greater level than the promoted Specialist, the promoted Specialist’s Level cap will be increased additional Levels. Perfect Promotions increase the potential strength of your Specialist every time you promote the Specialist! 

After Promoting a Specialist you will see a pop up with the details of the promotion and the new boost that has been unlocked.

The Promotion screen can be accessed via the Promotion button, found right next to the Upgrade button, either in the WARCOM main room or in the info for a Specialist. Once in the Promotion screen, select the Specialist you wish to Promote. If that Specialist is ready for promotion you will need to select one Specialist to absorb from the list on the right that will be populated once a Specialist to promote is selected.


Viewing an Enemy’s WARCOM

An Enemies WARCOM will show you what boosts your Enemy has from their Specialists and allow you to compare them to your own boosts. On the assigned tab you will also be able to see which Specialists they currently have and individual info for each Specialists such as boost type and percentage, and the Specialist’s rank and level.

To view an Enemy’s WARCOM tap on their Command Center and then the WARCOM button.