WD: Global Domination

Global Domination is an event that pits your alliances against other alliances across all the worlds in War of Nations. Your alliance participates in Global Domination by declaring War against another alliance when you press the “DECLARE WAR” button. You will be paired with another alliance in a Global Domination War lasting 30 minutes. You can declare War every hour throughout the entirety of the Global Domination event.

At the start of a War, a copy of all your units and commanders from the real world will be sent to the Global Domination battlefield. Any losses that occur within the Global Domination War will not affect your units in the real world. However, if your units change in the real world, your next War will reflect your new unit count. Each War is independent of the previous Wars.

To attack, select a target from the “ENEMIES” menu on the lower right hand side. Each attack will use all of your units and your best 5 commanders (determined through stats and traits). A normal Attack consumes 30 Battle Energy, while a Power Attack consumes 50 Battle Energy. Power Attacks will greatly increase your unit's attack damage. Domination Wars have a much higher revive rate allowing you to attack much more than usual. You will regenerate units that are fighting in the War over time. Additionally you will also regenerate Battle Energy over time.

All players will participate in the event but the General, Colonels and Captains in your alliance should choose the 5 strongest members to be your alliance’s Defense Leaders. During a War, 3 of the 5 Defense Leaders must be defeated first before other players can be attacked.

Overcharged Cells are used in creating and upgrading Energy Barriers. Donate these Overcharged Cells to your alliance and Generals and Colonels can build Energy Barriers. Each War will automatically select the strongest Energy Barrier your alliance has created and consume it for the War. While your opponent’s Energy Barrier is active, the amount of War Points gained from winning an attack is halved, and the enemy Bunker cannot be attacked.

The Bunker is a weak target that can be attacked by all members once the Energy Barrier, if any, is destroyed. If you find yourself unable to defeat any of your opponents, you can still contribute to your Alliance and receive a small amount of War Points by attacking the bunker without losing any units.

War Points are what determine which Alliance will be victorious. War Points are earned by winning battles against other players or the Bunker. Earn more points by defeating more powerful armies and double the number of points you can earn by destroying the enemy Energy Barrier. If you lose a battle, you will gain no War Points for that battle.