Getting a new device? READ FIRST!

Prior to getting your new device, if you haven't already done so, we highly recommend holding onto your Friend Code. Please note that we cannot transfer between iOS and Android.

How to have your account transferred:
  1. When you get your new device, download Jackpot Slots.

  2. Write into support through the In-Game Customer Support button (Menu > Options > Customer Support).

  3. Include in the body of your message the following info:

    • Your original and new device type
    • Your old Friend Code (9-digit player ID associated with your game found under Menu > Options > ABOUT Jackpot Slots).
    • Your level, old name (CASE SENSITIVE), and approximate coin balance.
    • The Friend code of the new device (should be around a level 1 when you first install the app).
    • If you do not have your old Friend Code, let us know as much of the above information, and we will try to locate your account.
We appreciate your patience and spin on!