What is Research?


You can research new units and unit buffs at the Research Lab. You can only build 1 Research Lab and research one technology at a time. You can unlock new units like the Helicopter. You can also research buffs to your vehicles, air, and mechs like:

  • damage
  • health
  • capacity

These buffs apply to all units of that type that you own. Each technology may require your Research Lab to be a certain level or may require a prerequisite technology. Also, keep in mind that after you have researched a new unit, you may still need to upgrade your factory to produce it.

When a Research Lab is destroyed, it researches slower. Be sure to repair it!



There are many items in the store that can be bought to help you out. You can access it by tapping on menu, and then store. Anything that you buy will go into your inventory. Some items like crates will need to be opened from your inventory.

Here are some things you can buy in the store:

    • Resource Packs- You can open these in your inventory to provide with extra resources
    • Commander Upgrade Items- These items are used to upgrade your commanders
    • Commander Recruits- You can open these in your inventory to get a new random commander. Tap on the question mark to see what you can get
    • Speed-ups- You can use these to speed up building construction, upgrade, repair, demolish, army travel, research, and unit training
    • Base Items- You will need these to build more outposts. They are not consumed when you construct a new base
    • Item Crates- You can open these in your inventory to get a random item. Tap on the question mark to see what you can get


Immunity is available to players who are first beginning the game and this immunity will last for six days. Once an attack has been made or six days have expired, the immunity will be removed. Players will sometimes gain immunity if they lose an Outpost to another player, this is determined by the value of that Outpost in relation the the player's overall economy.

Players can also purchase a Base Shield from the in-game store, for either 12 or 72 hours. There will be a cooldown before a Base Shield may be activated again, which is double the duration of the shield. A Base Shield will have a 24 hour cooldown and an Extended Base Shield will have a 144 hour cooldown.