What are Alliances?


An Alliance is a collection of players that help each other out. Players can send armies to allies' bases to reinforce them from an incoming attack. Allies can also coordinate attacks on enemy players to quickly and efficiently takeover a base. Having the support of others will be a necessity as a player progresses into the center of the map where high value resources are fought over quite a bit. Tap on Menu, and then Alliance to find an alliance to join or create your own! You can also check their ranking in the Ranking menu.

Alliance ranks breakdown as follows:

  • General (formerly known as Leader)- Can accept members, remove members, delete posts, purchase boost and assign a new General.
  • Colonels- Can accept members, remove members, delete posts and purchase boosts.
  • Captains- Can accept members, remove members and delete posts.
  • Sergeants (formerly known as Officer)- Can accept members and delete posts.
  • Privates (formerly known as Member)- No additional permissions.

The Alliance bank allows members to donate the resources that they have collected to their Alliance. A record of each member's donations can be found by selecting the Members tab on the Alliance menu, then choosing a specific member. Please note that donations cannot be recovered from the bank once they have been given. Donations can be spent by the General and Colonels on boosts.