What are Boosts?


From the store, players can now purchase boosts to increase production rate for Oil/Iron/Money, reduce the consumption rate for fuel, increase unit damage and boost unit health. From your player profile, players can check and see which Boosts are currently active. Within this Boost tab, selecting the question mark on the lower right corner, players can view specific details regarding active boosts and the boost duration.

The same boost can be used multiple times to increase the duration, and different boosts can be active at one time. Although, the effect of a Boost cannot be stacked. For example, purchasing a Trade Agreement will boost money production by 20 percent for 24 hours. Using multiple Trade Agreements at the same time, will lengthen the duration by 24 hours for each boost used, but the money production rate will remain at 20 percent.

Alliance Boosts can be found on the General tab of the Alliance menu by scrolling the window down. From here, every Alliance member can view the active boosts and the General and Colonels can purchase new boosts by selecting the Buy Boosts button. Purchasing boosts spends the resources members have donated to the Alliance bank. Alliance boosts are permanent and currently, there are two types, Military and Resource. Military boosts permanently increase unit health and damage while resource boosts permanently reduce cost and speed of training and building.